Toddler Behavior Miracle!

“How To Fix Toddler Tantrums, Biting, Hitting, Whining, Bedtime Shenanigans, Mealtime Shenanigans, And More Quickly And Easily!”  

=– Brad Zude, Influencer Parenting

– Brad 

Toddler Behavior Miracle!

“How To Fix Toddler Tantrums, Biting, Hitting, Whining, Bedtime Shenanigans, Mealtime Shenanigans, And More Quickly And Easily!”  

– Brad Zude, Influencer Parenting


  • Calling Your Toddler’s Name And They Come To You The First Time

  • No More Hitting Or Biting

  • Bedtime Taking Just 10 Minutes

  • Eating A Whole Meal While Sitting In Their Chair

  • ​No More Public Meltdowns

  • Feeling In Control And Confident

And Doing This Without Raising Your Voice, Getting Frustrated, Or Feeling Like A Bad Parent!

TO: Parents

From: Brad & Greta Zude, 

Toddler Behavior Experts

#1 Best Selling Parenting Authors

Subject:  Toddler Behavior


Mom & Dad,

  So you have a toddler that isn’t behaving how you’d like? Hitting? Biting? Whining? Picky Eater?  Do you want to fix the bad behavior fast and teach your child how to properly behave and interact with others? 


If that’s what your looking for you’re in the right spot.  


As #1 Best Selling parenting authors with 7 children under the age of 11, we know a thing or two about toddler behavior. 


The same information we’re about to share with you we shared with Kendra last week and Kendra already has a completely different child!  We understand the testimonials you’re about to read seem too good to be true, but they aren’t.  They are from REAL PARENTS just like you we’ve worked with who learned the secrets of quick and easy toddler behavior!

Kendra’s toddler went from 3-4 temper tantrums PER DAY and being a picky eater to eatcing everything on her plate and no temper tantrums in the last WEEK!

Melanie has a toddler (and a new baby) that would put up the biggest bedtime battles ever! 

It would take her 45+ minutes to get her toddler to bed, and even more time putting her back in bed the 5-7 times she would get out.  Now her toddler STAYS in bed and sleeps! And she was able to accomplish all that while not even being a stay at home mom! 

The Problem Is This…

99% Of other ‘toddler experts’ teach 1 of 2 things that simply don’t work.

1)  Choices…..the rage today is give your child a whole bunch of choices and they will learn to make good decisions right?  Wrong!  Children lack the life experience and wisdom to make good choices.  


For example…if you ask a toddler “Should we leave the playground now or in 5 minutes?” What do you think they will choose?  Duh..5 more minutes!  


And at some point you have to get them to do what you want them to do which is finally leave the playground. Worse yet the ‘choices’ theory trains the child to think they are in control of everything that happens.  Our friends had a son Tyler who essentially flunked kindergarten because he thought doing what the teacher said was just another choice.


 If you’re struggling with bedtime, mealtime, or anything else it’s because all day long toddlers think they are in control and bedtime or mealtime is the first time they are made to do something they don’t want to do and it doesn’t go well to say the least.  


2)  Positive Parenting…..nothing can be more detrimental than on top of everything your toddler throws at you than to put a perfection standard on yourself that says you can never get mad and you have to be positive all the time!


That’s why mom rage is so prominent.  The frustration that builds up inside you from trying to say the exact right thing in the exact right way and never get mad finally erupts and suddenly your disobedient child is suddenly a victim on top of it and now you’re in shambles.  


Real toddler parenting success comes when you’re able to establish your authority, train your child in how you want them to act, and do it in a way that’s actually enjoyable for everyone.


  And YES…we’ve helped hundreds of parents accomplish this QUICKLY and EASILY!

 We Help Real Parents And Real Toddlers Fix Bad Behavior Real Fast!

Brad & Greta Zude (7 Kids) Toddler Behavior Experts

So who are we? We’re Brad & Greta Zude and we’re the founders of Influencer Parenting and the Toddler Behavior Program.  


With 7 kids of our own we’ve unlocked the secrets to effective toddler parenting.


We help moms and dads all over the world fix toddler behavior The Simple Way!

Most moms & dads need a solid plan that fits their situation and the ability to ask some questions along the way and get supported in the moment when times get tough… just like a personal trainer keeps athletes focused at the gym!


Tens of thousands of people have benefited from our videos that have had millions of views online and LOVE the ability to ask us questions ongoingly.  Not to mention our students love knowing the international credibility we have in the biggest media!

As Seen In…

Testimonials From The #ipFam

LIKE THE OLD SAYING GOES… if you could have fixed the bad behavior on your own you already would have.

Our Toddler Behavior Program gives you all the tools you need to get the same results like the real moms and dads you see on the page gushing about how amazing the program is. 

Most other toddler behavior experts charge $300-$500 for a 1 hour phone call and a few emails that don’t accomplish much and after that you’re back on your own fending for yourself with hope and prayers as your only option!

 It’s a terrible model that just doesn’t work.

That’s why we are SO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT in how we work with parents and it shows through to the results we get.

HUNDREDS Of Families That Work With Us Now  Understand 

Fixing Toddler Behavior Fast  REQUIRES:
  • A full and complete system that teaches the “how-to’s” AND the “why” behind them

  • Someone who gets to know your child and dives deep into the situation

  • Being able to get your questions answered

  • Getting the ongoing emotional and mental support necessary to carry out the plan.  


We’ve created the FASTEST and EASIEST way to fix your toddler’s behavior in just a few days inside of our literally world famous Toddler Behavior Program!


Our program is designed around the emotional and mental support needed to actually DO all the cool things we’ll teach you.  Unlimited access to our support is the make or break in your training success!


It’s easy to sell advice.  It’s another thing to be right there with you making sure everything goes amazing and get all your questions answered about your child!  

Nobody else does it like this!

You Only Have 2 Options To Fix Toddler Behavior…

1) The AWFUL Do-It-Yourself Approach

Ever tried something on your own and had it not work out?   The Do-It-Yourself approach is the hardest route to take and it’s probably what you’re trying to do now.   

We know this isn’t working well or you wouldn’t be reading this , so Let’s not make a hard situation any harder than it has to be.

Save ugly DIY projects for Home Depot and Pinterest, not for Toddler Behavior

 2) The Quick & Simple Way! 

Information Alone Is NOT ENOUGH! You Need The Emotional And Mental Support To Actually Do What Needs To Happen! 

We Go With You On The Journey And Make Sure You Fix Toddler Behavior Issues Fast Our Success Rate Is Pretty Much 100%.

We Make Sure It Happens! No Expiration, No Limitations On Asking Us Question!

According to our experience with tens of thousands of parents, 9 out of 10 moms who don’t get help spend the next 1-2 YEARS in the same tiresome and hopeless position they are in now, with things usually getting much worse before they get better!

It’s all about the unparalleled ongoing support we offer!

This is just ONE of our groups (the other with 1,100+ families is below) full of moms and dads just like you that work directly with us and are getting the MASSIVE family transforamtion you see. 


Your Toddler Will Quickly Become A Respectful Contributing Member Of Your Family Instead Of Being A Biting, Hitting, And Tantrum Throwing Tornado!


You’ll Have A Brand New Child And A Brand New Home Quickly And Easily! 

Ready For Our Help?  Here’s The Bottom Line On Our Toddler Program (PRICING)

– You’ll get Monthly access to our 50 + video system showing you how to handle any toddler situation 

– You’ll  get Monthly  access to our Facebook Master Mind Group where you can ask questions anytime and interact with hundreds of other parents just like you

– You’ll get to ask us questions about your situation every week on our weekly Facebook Live Mentor Calls!  

Monthly Day Access Facebook Master Mind Group 

Monthly Access To 50+ Training Videos That Solve Everything!

Live Weekly Q&A Facebook Live Sessions With Brad & Greta To Talk About YOUR Toddler! 

What Behavior Will Finally Be Fixed?

Here Are Just A Few Of The Many Topics Covered! 


First Time Obedience – Practical Obedience – Eyes & Ears – 


Parenting Styles – The Parenting Funnel – Structure – Options – Speaking – Training vs. Discipline – Instruction – Childishness vs. Foolishness – Choosing The Battles – Praise/Affirmation/Rewards + More

Structure In The Day

Room Time – Free Play Time – Boundaries – Sit Time – Table Time – Bedtime Help

Practical Everyday Topics 

Temper Tantrums – Meltdowns – Trips – Outings – Public – MealTime – Head Banging – Picky Eaters – Thumb Sucking – Sign Language Theory –  Whining – Sharing 

Structuring Your Child’s Day 

Room Time – Free Play Time – Boundaries – Sit Time – Table Time – Bedtime Help


So You’ll….

1) Watch The Videos

2) Get Help In The Group

3) Get Help On The Live Sessions 

And FINALLY Fix ANY Troubles You Have! 


The Toddler Training Course Includes: Toddler Video Course + Master Mind Group + Weekly Live Q&A +Potty Training Course + Content Upgrades + Family Pass Upgrade

– Regular Price $39.97 Dollars Per Month –



Just $19.97 Per MonthNo Contracts, Cancel Anytime! 


That’s $1,882 in Value, Videos, Support Group, And Live Weekly Help For Just

 $19.97 Per Month!



 The Toddler Training Course Includes: Toddler Video Course + Master Mind Group + Weekly Live Q&A +Potty Training Course + Content Upgrades + Family Pass Upgrade


$39.97 Dollars Per Month 



$19.97 Per Month

No Contracts!

Cancel Anytime! 


That’s $1,882 in Value, Videos, Support Group, And Live Weekly Help For Just

 $19.97 Per Month!


Join Now And Get These 3 Bonuses FREE!

  • Automatic Content Upgrades – A $197 Dollar Value FREE! We are constatnly adding new and exciting things to the program and it’s all included! 

  • Behavior Family Pass Updgrade – A $197 Dollar Value FREE!  Most other programs charge per child.  You can as questions about ANY CHILD inf your family! 

  • PRO POTTY TRAINING VIDEO PROGRAM – A $297 Dollar Value FREE!  Need to potty train?  You’re in luck!   We have the best system to make potty training easy! This is worth joining by itself!!!


For LITERALLY LESS THAN the price of an Amazon book or two you can personally consult with some of the best parenting experts in the world and a group of parents (the #ipfam) just like you doing the same.    


Click the join now button.  You’ll do a quick checkout and the have INSTANT ACCESS to everything we talked about above.  You are literally 30 seconds away from FINALLY fixing your toddler’s behavior. 


Join the 1,500 person #ipFam who are MASSIVELY changing their children,

marriage, and home today!    

Brad & Greta Have Been Featured In

Brad & Greta Have Been Featured In

Save 50% Today! 

You Can’t Afford NOT To Join!