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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Ages Is Influencer Parenting For?

Ages 1-18+. The younger you can start the better!

My Child Is A Special Needs Child.  Will This Help Me?

Yes!  This is as much about you the parent as it is the child! 

Is This For Both Homeschool And Public School Children?

Yes!  There are no requirements for growing your influence! 

Is This A Big Time Commitment?

No.  You can take this at your own pace with no requirements.  In fact we recommend you take it slow and try not to do everything all at once!   

Is This A Live Class?

No.  This not a class or a small group that meets at a certain time or day.  This is a self paced program with live weekly Q&A Sessions at varying times to fit any schedule.

Can I Do All This On My Phone?

Yes!  Everything from watching the videos to participating in the Facebook group can be done on your phone! 

You Guys Are #1 Best Selling Parenting Authors?

Yes!  We have 2 other programs for babies called MyBabyCanSleep.com which we wrote and published a self titled book in 2019 that became an Amazon #1 Best Seller in multiple parenting categories and our videos have been seen over 6 MILLION times.  

Does This Cover All Behaviors And Child Types?

Yes! There isn’t any situation or child type this won’t help with. For extreme situations or disabilities we also recommend seeing your doctor, specialist, or family counselor as needed.

Are You Guys Doctors, Counselors, Psycologists, Psychiatrists, Therapists, etc?

No.  We do not diagnose or treat medical symptoms or diseases.  Please see your regular licensed mental and physical healthcare providors as we are not.

Cancel/Refund Policy

This is a month to month subscription and you may cancel anytime.  There are no contracts or minimums.  All course materials, videos, group access, etc are only available with your subscription.  Terminating your subscription terminates your access to all help and materials.  Once payment is taken for the month we do no offer refunds or pro-rations for that month or any prior month.  You have the ability to cancel on your own inside the members area anytime so you are responsible to cancel your own membership.     

Do I Have To Be ‘Religious’ To Join?

Not in the least bit! Although we do draw from basic principals from The Bible our Influencer Parents come from all walks of life, race, religions, creeds, beliefs, values, and backgrounds. You are not required to have any certain belief system to greatly benefit from becoming an Influencer Parent! 

Still Have Questions?

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